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  • July 21, 2017

He’s always right on time 

The first day we walked in to our travel agent to inquire about trips to China, we felt like a door opened very wide. We had quite a long list of things we thought were going to happen over the month of June. It’s been quite an interesting month really as we have laid down OUR agenda and surrendered OUR will for HIS which is so much better than anything we could have planned.

If you have been following my posts for a while you will know that our idea to move house before we left for China got put on hold once we realized we already had a virtual shop in our back room. We set up all the shop props and have been thinking how to go about ‘trading’ from here. Our dream is starting to come alive. There is so much we don’t yet know; what we will be stocking in this shop and how we will do it- and yet we know it’s so much MORE than what we can see right now.

For many years I have had a dream of a shop with a cafe; a gathering place where people (men AND women) could come to be fed and equipped with the skills they need, a retreat where they could stay and enjoy great hospitality and rest; a craft centre, selling supplies of fabric and thread, and a sewing machine pod, where women could come to learn and be inspired to create and share love and motivation; and a garden of delight which again would bring inspiration but also be a place of provision and education. Everything I am and everything I have done over my life would all come together in this place.

When we drove north to check out properties, there was nothing that looked or felt right at all, and we resigned ourselves to the fact that that plan wasn’t YET;  We feel now like we are closer to the location of that place and it’s not that far away after all.. While we have been renting, we have been aware that some time soon we might be able to purchase a property that ticks all the boxes for our dream to materialise.

We believe we have found the perfect property. We don’t even know if it’s on the market. But everything about it ticks all the boxes. I even had a dream where the buildings looked the same as the real thing. And I believe that in due season it will come to pass.

But for now it’s off to China we go, and as everything comes into alignment, all things are working together for good. When we first committed to going to China, by handing over money and passports, there was one condition we had which we were a little unsure of. My love has had a few issues with his heart over the last little while, and has been in the hospital system to have an angiogram sometime within the next 120 days. We made a call to say please don’t phone us in July because we will be out of the country. The ‘Powers-That-Be’ decided that someone wouldn’t be leaving the country without the necessary ‘Warrant of Fitness’.

We love the way God works in these situations. By faith, we booked and paid for our tickets, believing that if medical intervention was necessary, then God would take care of that before we left.
Which He did. As it happened, the nurse decided to check for any gaps in the hospital system for an angiogram to be performed before 30th June. We said Monday or Tuesday would suit well; after that it would be cutting things a bit fine. And it just so happened that our local private hospital had one slot left on Tuesday afternoon. So in a sense we got an upgrade under the public health system. And a move up the waiting list. And favour on all counts regarding medical treatment and a delicious dinner to boot at Braemar Hospital in Hamilton.

I sat at reception waiting for my patient to come out of theatre and was reminded that we have a God who cares for us so much! He loves to take care of every little detail. He’s never early, He’s never late. He’s always right on time. Tomorrow would have been too late for this procedure; this day gives us some rest time before we head to the airport. The shed has been tidied and locked up and we feel ready for the next step in the journey. I’m sure whatever happens while we are away on our travels, we will come home with a much clearer vision and with a certainty about how to move forward from here.

We are so excited about the future. It’s not quite what we thought it would look like, but the dream is alive and even though it keeps shifting and changing, the basic blueprint is the same. I have held on to the scripture I was given a few years ago which I always hold on to in times of uncertainty…

“Do not be impatient for the Lord to act. Keep walking steadily along His path, and in DUE SEASON you shall receive every blessing” ( Psalm 37:34-36 TLB)

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