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  • April 7, 2017

When my new love and I first heard the call to ‘move north’ and shift regions, it was a bit scary, as we really had no idea where that was going to be…well it kind of felt like the Hamilton region, but we didn’t know the area at all well, so we were very reliant on Holy Spirit to direct our steps. We drove around for a whole day and decided that it definitely wasn’t Hamilton, and that perhaps the Cambridge area felt better. We were drawn to Lake Karapiro, probably because of the water which felt so peaceful in what we now know was quite a turbulent time for us. We stepped out in faith in a new relationship in a new region, leaving all that was familiar behind.
We underestimate our gut instinct a lot of the time, but I’m learning to trust it more and more, and I believe it is actually God speaking to us, whether we choose to listen or not.
Once everything was packed up from my last house, and put into storage, we were pretty much free to take our time to explore this new region. Imagine how it must have felt when God used Moses to lead the sons of Israel out of Egypt, through the Red Sea to a new land. They had no idea where they were going and all they had was cloud by day and fire by night, and a whole heap of grumbling in the process. Their food was fresh manna on the ground every morning, and when Moses used his staff to tap the rock, out came fresh water…and there was a quail or two when the people requested meat.
And then when Joshua and Caleb crossed the Jordan River to a land of milk and honey, they too had to deal with grumbling and moaning from the people who were a little reluctant for change and new beginnings.
I would like to think we embraced our change with excitement and with great anticipation! We were so dependent on Holy Spirit to show us where we were to settle. After wandering around ‘in the wilderness’ for 3 weeks, we approached a rental agency on the recommendation of a family friend. They had a friend who was renting a house in the country but were considering a move closer to town. As soon as we had made the connection and checked out the house, we just knew it was the right place for us to be. We had prayed about our desire to rent a house in the country. Near water. Off the radar. And guess what? Here we are, tucked under Sanctuary Mountain, 10 minutes drive from Lake Karapiro Mighty River Domain where we initially parked up, feeling like somewhere around here was where we would live for the next season.
This is such a beautiful place. The bird life is awesome with tuis, wood pigeons, bright green parakeets, moreporks, and lovely birdsong from the thrushes and blackbirds most mornings.
It rains a lot.

We are surrounded by dairy cows and calves and lush green grass.
We have an amazing view over the greater Waikato area from our front lawn.
We have fresh spring water
We have a bountiful supply of cherry tomatoes, zucchinis and beans fresh off the vine daily.
We have the option of shopping in 3 little towns without parking meters
We have a garage/workshop for man jobs and a workshop/studio for sewing and office work
We have spare rooms and beds for many visitors who have come to stay.
We have been blessed beyond measure.
In our obedience to shift regions and move north, the doors opened wide for us. Holy Spirit showed us the way, even though we were a little unsure initially if we were on the right track. But that first time we stopped at the park and said ‘It feels like its somewhere around here’, we were right on track. God even sent a rainbow and placed it right above our house. He also delivered some lightning on a dark night when we werent quite so sure of our decisions to move here together.
Just recently we have felt a new stirring that may mean it’s time to move on. How do we know this? Well…we have endured countless flies and mosquitoes over the summer, which is quite normal for this country lifestyle. But when you find a frog in the kitchen by the fridge, and start witnessing not one, but several mice running down the wall of the bedroom, and you know that there is at least one large rat rummaging around out the back, you start to wonder how the Egyptians endured the plagues of Egypt! The water doesn’t taste quite as sweet, and there is a sense that we need to think about packing up and following the cloud once more.
This transition has been so perfectly orchestrated from Day One. Work was supplied at the outset, and God has been doing a huge work in our hearts during the process.
The Eye of a Needle has been birthed in this place, and we have a platform now from which we can spring. We can only listen to His voice and ask Him where He wants us to go from here. He has the plan. We just need to step in to it and see where He takes us from here.
Jeremiah 28:11-13 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

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