CLOVER Wonderpins


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Clover Wonderpins

Quick and easy quilt basting!

The curved pin makes scooping and holding the fabric easy.

・Scoop 3 layers (top, batting and backing) of fabric keeping them spread out flat.

・Tip manufactured to ensure ease of pinning through fabric.

Simply push the pin down.  Easily open and close with one hand.

Speedy basting and reduced hand fatigue.

How to use:

1) Scoop up the fabric.

2) Push down the closure, keeping the pin tip upwards and the base of pin touching fabric surface.

3) The pin is secured when it enters the closure. 


 Can be used in places where clips cannot reach.

With closed pins, no worry about pricking yourself.

20 pins per package

Size:32 mm

Pin diameter: 0.7 mm